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No Such Thing As Indoor Tracers

Dopey Patron Burns Down Gun Range

DESPITE RULES PROHIBITING IT, a patron in a Dallas, Texas, indoor gun range shot off some tracer rounds Sunday afternoon shortly after 2 pm.  The blazing projectiles lodged in the back wall and set it ablaze.  The fire quickly got into the roof space and took off.


When the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department arrived there was smoke and fire showing and the incident eventually reached four alarms.

Dallas Morning News

The DFW Gun Range had between 50 and 100 people inside at the time, but they all evacuated safely.  Before the fire was out, one wall and part of the roof had collapsed.

The fire was knocked down by 5 pm.

Fox News filed a good video report:

 Dallas News | myFOXdfw.comDallas News |

The man who caused the problem admitted that he had done it, but it was deemed an accident by the police and he was not charged for any crime.


KVUE-TV filed this video report that also has fire footage:


KVUE-TV also has a 28-image photo gallery HERE.

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