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The February Recalls

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Here are the latest recalls:

Neotek Corporation is recalling (NHTSA recall no. 12E-057) certain replacement brake rotors, branded as DURALAST, part number 5399, sold exclusively through Autozone.

Some of the brake rotors may have been produced from castings with narrow thickness in the bridge between the mounting surface and the braking surface. The narrow area of the casting can allow for fractures.

Neotek will notify the Autozone retail outlets and post public notices about the recall. Affected DURALAST brake rotors will be replaced, free of charge. The recall was expected to begin during January 2013. As always, in cases like this, if you think you may have any of the affected parts, you need to be proactive and check with, in this case, Autozone.

Mack Trucks is recalling (12V-499) certain 2013 CHU, CXU, GU, LEU, and MRU trucks, equipped with model number 90262, 90541, or 10073 Hayes Lemmerz steel wheels. Because of an inadequate weld between the wheel disc and rim, the disc can separate from the rim..

Mack will notify owners, and dealers will replace the wheels on affected vehicles, free of charge. The recall was expected to begin on, or before, Jan. 11, 2013. Owners may contact Mack at 336-393-2000 for more information. Mack’s recall campaign number is SC0368.

Autocar (NHTSA 12V588, 589 and 590) and Volvo (12V500) also have recalls out for the same wheels. Contact Autocar at 765- 489-5499. Autocar’s campaign numbers are M1207 and T1206.

Contact Volvo at 336-393-2000 for more information. Volvo’s recall campaign number is RVXX1205.

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Hino is recalling (12V-555) certain 2005 through 2013 medium-duty trucks, models NA6J, NB6J, NC6J, ND8J, NE8J, NJ8J, NF8J, and NV8J,

Over time, the main B+ circuit from the battery to the starter could potentially short to ground due to wear that accumulates as a result of interference between the B+ circuit and its convoluted tubing sheath.

Hino will notify owners, and dealers will repair the vehicles free of charge. The recall was expected to begin on, or about, Jan. 15, 2013. Owners may contact Hino at 248-699-9390. Hino’s recall campaign number is A8310.

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Phenix Enterprises is recalling (12V-562) certain 2009 and 2011 trucks manufactured from July 22, 2008, through Dec. 16, 2011, equipped with a Sure Power battery separator, part number 16511893 (model 1314).

Suspect vehicles, in their as built configuration, had a Sure Power battery separator installed on the inboard side of the curb side rail. These battery separators may overheat.

Phenix will notify owners and replace the battery separator free of charge. Owners may contact Phenix at 800-736-9790.

Daimler Trucks North America is recalling (12V-576] certain 2007 Sterling 360 trucks manufactured 2007 and equipped with an EPA04 4M50 engine. The fuel lines may crack because of an improper manufacturing process. Also, the fuel pipe flare nuts may have been insufficiently tightened. Cracked fuel pipes or loose fuel pipe flare nuts may leak fuel.

DTNAr will notify owners. Dealers will inspect the fuel lines and tighten or replace them as needed, free of charge.

The safety recall was expected to begin on Feb. 5, 2013. Owners may contact Daimler Trucks at 800-547-0712. Daimler’s recall campaign number is FL-636.

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Spring Training has started, so hibernation season, which began at the end of the World Series, is over!
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