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Fire Victim Rescued By Firefighters Dies Later at Hospital

Unconscious When Found in Burning House

AN INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, MAN was rescued from his burning home Wednesday afternoon by the firefighters.  The unidentified man in his 60's was found unconscious by the search team and brought out of the house suffering from burns and smoke inhalation.  He was taken to the hospital in critical condition where he later died from his injuries.

Indianapolis FD photo

The Indianapolis Fire Department spokeswoman said that the fire began around 4 pm in the front part of the house and the victim was found about 10 feet from the rear door.

The well-advanced fire was already through the roof when the first units arrived, but it was knocked down after about an hour and caused approximately $100,000 in damage.

WXIN-TV filed the story plus a video report that includes fire footage HERE.

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