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Morning Lineup – February 28

Thursday Morning – What's On Tv?

I suppose for a lot of people this is old news, but it's the first time that I have seen it.  This insert arrived with my cable tv bill yesterday and I'm fascinated with it.  Basically, it is advising us that they now have a free app for iPads that will allow you to watch tv on your tablet wherever you are (as long as you are within range of your wi-fi device).

This is really nifty.  If you are watching The Game on tv but need to go out to the garage to fix something with the car, then you just take your tablet along with you and never miss a commercial.  Or even sitting out in the back yard with a cool one, enjoying the evening breeze.  Back before cable tv was predominent it was common to have a little 7-inch tabletop tv in the kitchen.  I even took one with me on the pumper one time when we were working on Super Bowl Sunday.  Now we are creeping back to the "good ol' days."

Reading the small print I see that not all 800 or so channels are available (yet), just "selected" channels.  But I expect that will expand in time.  I wonder if you could use it in another location that was also served by the same cable company?  (Like the firehouse?)

There are some other brands of tablets out there, so I'm curious why they only have the app for this one?  Once the initial program is written it shouldn't be any problem to adapt it to other brands.  Maybe they are waiting to see how well this is received.  This I like.  But I still don't own a tablet.

We don't need an app to fill out the equipment checksheet, though.  So let's get started with  that while I run some more coffee through the Bunn-O-Matic.  We'll get together back in the day room in a little while – tablets off.  See you there.

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