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Italian Nightclub Flashover Injures 3 Firefighters

Two Trapped by Wall Collapse

AN EARLY-MORNING FIRE Sunday in a Reggio Emillia, Italy, nightclub led to three firefighters being injured, one seriously, when a flashover-type event caught them shortly after entering the closed business. 


The fire was discovered around 7:30 am in the Amnesia Asian lounge bar, a hookah and cocktail bar, when a police patrol saw smoke coming from the 2nd-story occupancy and reported it.  The fire brigade was on the scene quickly and three firefighters went up a ladder and foreced entry through a window.  Shortly after entering, the flash fire event hit them causing two of them to be burned, one seriously, and the third was injured by a wall that collapsed from the "explosion."  One of them was able to escape, but the other two were trapped under the wall and needed to be rescued by fellow firefighters.


All three of them were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.  The fire was put out in about four hours.


The fire started on the 2nd floor but there are no signs of arson as yet.  The club was completely burned out, thus hindering the initial investigation for arson but the police are still considering the possibility of a criminal act.  The owner of the Amnesia had another club of his burned out ten years ago by organized crime in an extortion attempt.  The perpetrator was just recently sentenced to more than 8 years in prison for that crime.

ReggioOnline has the STORY.

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