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Teen Using His Head, Vandalizes Moving Firetruck

Improper Use of Controlled Substance Strongly Suspected

A REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA, ENGINE CO. was responding to a medical emergency Saturday morning around 1 am when the driver saw a 17-yr.-old boy dash out into the street and stand directly in the engine's path.

The driver quickly slowed down, yet the youth stayed in place blocking the pumper.  The truck was forced to a complete stop to avoid striking the errant pedestrian, at which time the boy jumped up on the front bumper and started beating on the windshield with his head and his fists.

The engine crew grabbed him and forced him onto a grassy area next to their position and, after tussling with the lad, got him calmed down until the police and an ambulance got there.  The windshield on the pumper was broken, putting the unit out of service.


He was transported to a hospital where he was treated for his self-inflicted injuries and then charged with vandalism and interfering with emergency personnel before being released to his parents custody.

The Redlands-Loma Linda Patch has MORE.

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