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Morning Lineup – March 4

Monday Morning – Training Day

The next entry in Ian Haight's fire college diary has been posted.  You may remember that Ian is a student who enrolled at the first of the year in the 16-month Pre-Service Firefighter Training Program at Conestoga College in Ontario, Canada.  This fire school is the primary feeder of firefighter candidates for about 30 – 40 fire departments in Ontario and the graduates are fully prepared to begin work at any municipal fire deparment in Ontario.

It's an interesting concept that we don't see very much at all in the Lower 48 and Ian is providing a good insight to the workings and curriculum of the college program.  His postings on his own website that he has been publishing for a few years now, Waterloo Region Fire, began with an introduction to the how's and why's of the Conestoga College program HERE and then was followed by the first diary entry, Phew…I Made It!, that Ian posted HERE.  Part Two, Reflections on Month One is posted HERE and covers the first portion which is dedicated to physical fitness.  In this week's entry, Part Three tells about the class' physical fitness mid-term testing and describes their evolutions that have to be passed.  It sure ain't a test for marshmallows!  So take a few minutes to read Ian's latest entry, After Month Two HERE.

photo by Bryan Rosekat

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While we are on the subject of training, I want to remind you about the upcoming, unique fire officer training program that is being presented by CentreLearn and headed up by our own FossilMedic, Mike Ward.  We first told you about this forward-looking online training program that begins on March 13.  Our first notice that we published on January 24 (HERE) began:

CentreLearn Solutions, the leading provider of online training for fire and emergency medical services, announced a Fire Officer Training Program, taught by Mike Ward BS, MGA, MIFireE. The 7-part online course will begin on March 13, 2013, and delivered will include presentations, discussions, and assignments on:

  • The role of the new fire officer
  • Managing the fire company
  • Imposing order on chaos
  • Tactical lessons from near-miss and line of duty death events
  • Getting involved in the community
  • Advanced tools for the experienced fire officer

This program is being administerd by nationally-respected fire/ems educator Greg Friese through the CentreLearn Solutions advanced education provider.

Chief Billy Goldfeder, EFO, had this to say: “Mike's decades of experience combined with his focus on education-and his very cool ability to communicate will allow the students to make this program one of the absolute highlights of their career. If we are lucky, each of us will have a fire officer/instructor in our career that mattered. Someone who helped us "get it," about our responsibility as an officer. Mike more than "gets it"-and spending time learning from Mike online, or otherwise, couldn't be a better opportunity for future company officers, and those who need their batteries charged.”

Saturday's reminder notice, that you may have missed, announced a special "coupon" discount just for Firegeezer readers.  So take a moment to CLICK HERE and read more about this trend-setting program.  It's time to sign up, now.

It's also time to get this equipment checked out for today.  Monday long-list form today.  I'll get some genuine firehouse coffee going before we meet back in the day room.  It's time to start learning.

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