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Fireworks Finale Sets Stadium Roof on Fire

Opening Night Ceremonies Kick Off With Extra Act

COSTA RICA IS THE SITE OF the 10th edition of the Central American Games this year.   The seven Central American countries, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama have sent 2,700 athletes to San Jose which is hosting the games for the first time in their 40-year history.

On Sunday thousands of sports fans filled the National Stadium to watch  the opening ceremonies and were treated to a show of 1,000 artists performing on a cool and windy night. The show, called "Costa Rica Pura Vida," recreated the elements of earth, air, water and fire.  The show was so spectacular that they got an extra act from the "fire" department.

The concluding fireworks display sent up spectacular rockets that left a trail of hot powder and embers dropping onto the roof of the stadium starting a fire on some of the roof's acrylic tiles.  By the time the fire was noticed, most of the spectators had already left the stands and the stadium crew easily evacuated the remaining guests, athletes and performers that were still there.

Inside Costa Rica reported:

The director of the Fire Department, Hector Chaves, said it is believed that an accumulation of powder residue from the fireworks show was to blame. He also indicated that a dry agent was used to extinguish the fire, rather than water, so as not to damage the stadium’s expensive lighting system.

Ultimately, a fire-extinguishing unit with an elevated platform was brought in from (another city) to put out the blaze.

Apparently, some of the hot debris from the fireworks also landed in the streets surrounding the stadium, forcing officials to extend a 50-yard safety zone around the stadium.

TV Channel 13 filed this video report that shows some of the unscheduled fireworks:


Tico Times has MORE.

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