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Sleepy Driver Rolls Ambulance

EMT Ejected, Seriously Hurt

AN EAGLE BUTTE INDIAN HEALTH SERVICES ambulance was involved in a rollover crash near Rapid City, South Dakota, Tuesday morning.

Rapid City Journal

South Dakota State Police Trooper Chris Regan said that the ambulance was transporting two patients plus a third civilian on Interstate 90 around 4:45 am when the driver fell asleep and veered off the right of the highway.  The ambulance then struck the rear of an unoccupied pickup truck that was parked on the shoulder.  The crash caused the ambulance to roll over and then it landed back on its wheels after tossing the EMTout of the back.

The EMT, Marne Lamb was tending to a 45-yr.-old man and an infant when the crash occurred and she received several broken bones and facial cuts.  She is in stable condition.  The two patients along with the infant's mother were transported to a Rapid City hospital with non-live threatening injuries.


The trooper charged the ambulance driver Joseph Meiligan, 32, with careless driving.

The Rapid City Journal has the STORY.

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