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Jumpers Injured At California Hotel Fire

Six Injured Residents Total

A FIRE IN A SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, residential  hotel Monday morning caused everybody to flee as thick smoke filled all the hallways of the 3-story building. With fire expanding in the second story, several residents were forced to jump from the windows of their rooms.


Three jumpers were injured and three more occupants needed transportation for smoke inhalation.

The fire was reported at 2:45 am Pacific and San Diego firefighters arrived to find the building fully charged with smoke and the fire rapidly growing on the 2nd floor.  They also encountered what fire officials described as "a small panic" as the residents were desparately trying to evacuate.  They were able to knock it down quickly, however, in a little over 30 minutes.


NBC Ch. 7 filed this video report from the scene:


View more videos at:

After interviewing the resident of the unit where the fire started, the investigators are certain that it was accidental.  They have not yet determined the cause, but have it narrowed down to two possibilities.  At least 14 people have been displaced by the fire which caused extensive damage on the 2nd floor and heavy water damage on the ground floor.

KFMB-TV Ch. 8 also interviews other residents in this video:

 San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 –

The San Diego Union-Tribune has MORE.

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