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Update:  Chief Stanton responds, scroll down.

JERUSALEM TOWNSHIP, OHIO, FIRE CHIEF Harold Stanton is being kept on hold for another week after the township trustees postponed action on whether to fire him or not.  After a lengthy, late-hour meeting Tuesday night, they adjourned until next Tuesday, March 19, to "think it over" before making their decision.

Chief Stanton  (Toledo Blade photo)

The conflict arises from Chief Stanton's continued acceptance of allowing a non-member of the FD to show up at fires, don equipment and help with the activities.  The trustees have twice previously talked to Stanton about the problem, but he allows the situation to persist.  The man causing the problem, Jim Gray is a former firefighter but is no longer licensed to perform for the township.  The trustees are pointing out the liability problem that is being created by the chief's allowing the actions.  Gray has recently applied to become a firefighter, but the trustees would not accept his application.

WNWO-TV reported:

During testimony, prosecution witnesses stated that on multiple occassions, Jim Gray, a former firefighter and friend of Stanton, showed up at emergency scenes, and even used township equipment. Trustees said they verbally demanded that Stanton not allow Gray on emergency sites on multiple occassions. When Gray showed up at a housefire in late February, trustees said it was the final straw, and motioned for Stanton's suspension.

Jerusalem Twp. trustees notified Stanton of his suspension via letter. In it, they suggest Stanton was instructed on numerous occasions to not permit individuals outside the department to assist in emergency situations. However, Stanton failed to follow those instructions, resulting in misconduct of his official duties.

Chief Stanton has been on paid suspension since early this month.

The Toledo Blade has more details in  their STORY HERE.
WNWO-TV has more HERE.

Update, Friday AM:
Chief Stanton has responded to Firegeezer via email with a statement:

I would like to state for the record that the article stated is completely incorrect and that anyone attending the hearing learned that the trustee`s completely failed to even provide a witness. Further more at no time have I ever allowed anyone to participate in an emergency capacity as a fire fighter or EMT.

The actual charge stemmed from the gentleman pulling a section of 5“ LDH from one engine to another. He didnt even hook it up. Also the same gentleman was previously told not to be participating onscene by me. He even admitted to that under oath.

Anyone who has ever operated in the I/C capacity during a working fire with crews on interior attack has hopefully focused on the safety of crews working onscene and not citizens behind the engines suppling water. I had plenty going on and my focus was safety on the actual fire scene.

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FORMER KINGSTON, NEW YORK, FIRE CHIEF Richard Salzmann appeared in court this morning (Thursday) and as part of a plea bargain agreement, pleaded guilty to four counts of filing a false instrument in connection with his preparation of payroll documents.

Salzmann (center) at this morning's appearance.
(Daily Freeman photo)

The Daily Freeman tells us:

Salzmann was accused of misfiling documents to receive extra pay, then subsequently altering the documents to his benefit when notified about possible problems with the filings, Ulster County District Attorney Holley Carnright has said.

Salzmann entered the plea of guilty before City Judge Larry Ball, who sentenced Salzmann to a one-year conditional discharge, which means Salzmann will not have to serve any jail time, and restitution of $16,618.

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THE NOW-FORMER FIRE CHIEF and Treasurer of the Rice Township VFD, near Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Donald Bly was arraigned yesterday (Wednesday) and charged with stealing nearly $4,400 from the FD's bank account.

The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader reports:

Rice Township police allege Bly,31, as treasurer, wrote eight checks to himself totaling $4,395 from June to December, according to the criminal complaint. Bly had been a member of the fire department for two to three years, Eyerman said.

Fire department members became concerned, Eyerman said, when Bly did not submit a treasurer’s report to township supervisors for months. "The information and checkbooks say he was buying equipment," Eyerman said. "There was a lawn tractor involved."

Bly allegedly told police he purchased equipment for the fire department with the checks, but could not produce receipts or the equipment, the complaint says.

The alleged stolen money is about 25 percent of the fire department’s annual budget, Eyerman said.

WNEP-TV has the video report:


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