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Serial Arsonist Active on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

65 Arsons in Recent Months

VIRGINIA STATE POLICE ARE LOOKING for whoever is responsible for a string of arsons that have been committed on the Eastern Shore, the state's portion of the Delmarva peninsula that is relatively isolated from the mainland.

In the past four months there have been about 65 suspicious fires, just about all in vacant or closed occupancies.  Thursday night the arsonist(s) struck again burning an abandoned building in Cashville near the Accomack County airport.

The News-Journal reports:

A turn-of-the-century wooden schoolhouse in Cashville on Virginia's Eastern Shore was destroyed in a suspected arson late Thursday night.

The building, located across the street from a brick school building dating to 1923 and Andrew Chapel United Methodist Church, was later turned into an onion grading shed and currently was used by a farmer for storage, a resident said.

Police and firefighters were called to the fire on Cashville Road shortly before 11 p.m. after a woman from out of town, who was working at the nearby house of a relative who recently passed away, saw the flames and reported the fire. The structure was destroyed.

This was the third successive night this week there has been suspicious fires.  Wednesday night a vacant restaurant building was destroyed and Tuesday night a 2-story closed motel was burned down.

Wednesday's fire took the former Hunger Haven restuarant.
(News Journal photo)

The Pilot-American reports:

The blazes have taxed the county’s volunteer firefighters and prompted state police to hold checkpoints and distribute information around the county to raise awareness and gather information.

A $25,000 reward also is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the cases.

WAVY-TV filed this video report about the burden on the VFD's in the area:


Arsons take toll on Shore firefighters

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