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Flaming Snake Sets House on Fire

Should Have Called The Orkin Man

A BOWIE COUNTY, TEXAS, WOMAN was disappointed to find a snake in her garden Wednesday evening.  Instead of encouraging the creature to move along to somebody else's garden, she decided to execute the interloper herself.

The unidentified woman got her portable gasoline can and poured some gas on the snake and then set it alight.  The snake, having never been taught the stop-drop-and-roll procedure, took off slithering into a brush pile next to the house and set it on fire.  The burning brush then extended to the house itself.


When the fire department arrived they were faced with a single-family dwelling fully involved and spreading to the house next door.

KSLA-TV prepared this video report that completes the story:

 KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News Weather

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