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Morning Lineup – March 24

Sunday Morning – "Whatever Floats Your Boats"

There has been a lot of coverage lately about the sorry state of the D.C. Fire and EMS Department's ambulances and firetrucks.  The clowns who were in charge of maintenance weren't maintaining any of them and in fact, they didn't even know how many they owned or where they all were kept.  Simply pitiful, but that's the state of affairs since the pension scammer took over as chief.  (You can read about these unbeliveable problems in a series of articles still-ongoing on STATter911.)

It turns out that firetrucks and ambulances aren't the only emergency vehicles that the FEMSters are neglecting.   It appears that they don't know much about their own boats, either, as you will see in this online sale offering of one of the FD boats.

The Gnome Handler, Steve came across this sale offering and passed it along., a "Liquidity Services Marketplace," is advertising for bids on a DCFEMS fire/rescue boat being sold off as surplus.  It is a 25-ft. Boston Whaler that was built in 1996 on a commercial workboat fiberglass hull.  It comes equipped with twin Evinrude 175 outboard motors a Raymarine fishfinder, and a deck-mounted rope reel.

GovDeals photo

The description as posted also reads in part:

There is a metal hatch open on the deck toward the bow, which is full of water. There are some scratches and dents as well as small cracks in the fiberglass.

Although this boat was taken out of service in operating condition, THIS IS A USED BOAT THAT COMES WITH NO WARRANTY. If you have questions about this boat, please come take a look, or send an inspector on your behalf. There is no history available on the boat. No service records available. This is a surplus Fire Rescue / Dive boat, used in the performance of Fire Department duties on the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers in Washington, DC.

(Bold and underlining added by Firegeezer.)  Before you rush out there to post your bid, notice this other caveat they are making:  "TRAILER is NOT INCLUDED, nor may it be borrowed.  Buyer must remove boat from trailer and put onto buyer's trailer. Buyer must bring the equipment necessary to do this. SELLER DOES NOT HAVE A HOIST OR CRANE AT THIS LOCATION. Buyer must provide one."

It's parked a couple of miles away from the river on a trailer that you can't use.  So how are you going to get it out of there?  Get about 60 guys around to lift it off the trailer and into the back of your pickup?  Apparently nobody in the clown corps thought about that, either.

GovDeals photo

The ignorance continues.  Despite being advertised as "Twin Evinrude Motors," you can see by the photo that one of them is a Johnson and neither of them are the same year.

My guess is that whoever bids on this is bidding for those motors (not cheap) and whatever else is bolted on there, then will just abandon the worthless hull on the site and let the uh-oh guys figure out what to do with it.

Well, we know what to do with our equipment.  So let's get it checked out for today.  I'll see how the Sunday breakfast is coming along and refill the Bunn-O-Matic.  See you back in the day room.

(The GovDeals online offering for the boat which includes a 58-image photo gallery can be viewed HERE.)

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