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Lucky Escape For 80 Apartment Dwellers

Fire Blocks Stairwells

ABOUT 80 RESIDENTS OF a Lynn, Massachusetts, apartment house are lucky to be alive this morning after fire ripped through their 25-unit woodframe building just before midnight.  The high-occupancy building brought an immediate dispatch elevation to four alarms.


The fire started at the rear of the 3-story building and quickly blocked the rear stairwell.  The residents on the upper floors had just moments to escape before the fire had moved across the first floor and gotten into the only other stairwell shutting off that exit as well.  Several of the just-awakened resident had to jump out their windows or in many cases, use the outside fire escapes.

Boston Herald

The building manager says that the smoke detectors were primarily responsible for everyone waking up in time to escape.

WHDH-TV filed this video report:

 WHDH-TV 7News Boston

The entire building was gutted leaving only the exterior walls standing that will have to be torn down.

At this early time the investigators have not yet determined the cause or point of origin.

WCVB-TV has the story plus additional video HERE.

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