First Arriving Network
First Arriving Network

Morning Lineup – March 25

Monday Morning – Spring, Snow, and Internet Connections

I'd better not get the short-sleeve shirts out just yet.  As I am writing this at FG HQ, our first snowfall of Spring is dropping on the region and nobody I know is cheering it on.

I don't remember pointing this out, and it's pretty pointless anyway.  But somebody went to great lengths to figure out that only once in every 830 years or so will there be a March that has five 3-day weekends (Fri.-Sat.-Sun.) and you are living through one of them now.

Like I said, it's useless information but you might find it to be conversation-starter while you're waiting in line at the supermarket.  Or maybe not.

And finally, this report from Connected Intelligence:

There are now more than half a billion devices in U.S. homes that are connected to the Internet and deliver apps, according to new findings from the Connected Intelligence Connected Home Report from global information company The NPD Group. Increases in tablet and smartphone penetration drove the U.S. market to this milestone.

Overall, the number of connected devices per U.S. Internet household has grown to 5.7, up from 5.3 devices three months ago. In that time frame, the installed base of tablets increased by nearly 18 million and there are nearly 9 million more smartphones users.

"Even with this extraordinary growth in the smartphone and tablet market, PCs are still the most prevalent connected device in U.S. Internet households, and this is a fact that won’t be changing any time soon," said John Buffone, director, devices, NPD Connected Intelligence. "However, when you look at the combined number of smartphones and tablets consumers own, for the first time ever it exceeded the installed base of computers."

And we already know about those internet-eyeglass frames that are being developed.

New York Times image

Let's see our way over to the equipment now and get it checked out.  Even with all those millions of internet devices, we're still stuck with the 19th Century clipboards.  Even the Bunn-O-Matic has a chip in it, so I'll activate it before we meet back in the day room.  See you there in a little while.

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