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UPDATED: Firefighters Seriously Injured at Barn Fire in France

Three in Critical Condition

Update, Wednesday AM:  More information on the injured firefighters and the fire cause added.  Review the article:

FOUR FIREFIGHTERS WERE BURNED, three of them seriously, at a barn fire Monday in Saint-Michel-de-Chavaignes, France.

Le Maine Libre

The barn is used to raise baby chicks and then sell the grown chickens but was empty at the time while awaiting a new shipment of chicks.

According to Le Maine Libre, about 65 firefighters were on the scene when, around 11:30 am local time, an "explosion" occured inside the barn which burned the FFs.  Three of them were flown to hospitals in critical condition.  The fourth was also hospitalized locally.

Oueste France updates:

The three firefighters severely burned trying to extinguish a fire of hen house in Saint-Michel-de-Chavaignes, Monday morning, remain hospitalized. The youngest, aged 33 years, father of a baby girl, is burned to 75%. His condition is critical. The young man, a career firefighter at le Mans and volunteer at the rescue of Bouloire centre, is being treated at the military hospital of Percy at Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine).

The other two firefighters, aged 41 and 56 years are burned to about 50%. These two volunteers for the fire brigades of Bouloire and Connerré centres are still hospitalized. 4Th firefighter, slightly affected, has left the Hospital of le Mans Monday afternoon.

Le Maine Libre

The cause of the initial fire is still being investigated.  There was nobody inside the barn when it started.  But after the firefighters began their interior operations, the cause of the explosion that caused the injuries and the ultimate destruction of the barn is currently thought to be from a "gas pocket" that had formed below the chicken racks and ignited while everyone was inside.  That is still being investigated.

This raw video was also provided by Le Maine Libre:


This report will be further updated if any more information is discovered.

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