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Morning Lineup – March 26

Tuesday Morning – Have a Seat.

Are you still trying to find that perfect desk chair so that you can surf the web in comfort?  It's one of the oldest problems in home or office work production.  Well, here is a suggestion for you that might do the trick.  I have not had an opportunity to try one (yet) but it looks promising and I hope I get the chance to use one someday.

Preston Moeller, 26, from Cleveland, North Carolina, was an Industrial Design student at Appalachian State University when he started collecting rubber bands and adding them to an ever-growing rubber band ball.  (Who hasn't done that at some point during their growing years?)  But the artist in him diverted his bands from the ball to art work, mainly copies of musical instruments.

But then, as thousands more rubber bands came bouncing in, he got the idea – as industrial designers do – to try and make an office chair out of them.  To make a long story short, after 336 hours of designing and building it, Preston ended up with a 3-ft.-tall chair made from 65,000 rubber bands.

The chair, which weighs 35 lbs., has a wire frame that maintains its overall shape but
retains a springiness that allows movement and a comfortable "give."

Moeller entered his project in an annual chair design contest and won the first prize.  That fame amongst the design people launched him to fame of sorts, and has caught the fancy of lots of people world-wide.  The chair is not just functional but very comfortable too, which was the point after all.  Preston wrote on his personal website:

'It has been moved around to multiple shows and I have been using it for the last couple months as my computer chair and it still looks as good as new.

'On the other hand, I have other smaller pieces that have started to dry up after around four years so I'm not sure how long the chair has to live.

'It looks as if the frame under the rubber bands is helping to keep them fresh but I don’t expect it to last forever.'

Preston continues:

"It was important that the chair kept the look and feel of the rubber band all the way through."

He added: "When guests go to sit in it, they start by bracing themselves with their arms and slowly lowering themselves into the chair.

"Within minutes, they're jumping up and down on it. It's a reliable chair and feels very safe – every office should have one."

There are several articles about this new form of function online, but the best to check out is posted by the Daily Mail HERE.  They have more photos, too.

Mr. Moeller has a lot of his other creations (not all rubber bands) on his personal, professional website HERE.  Check it out, too.  (Click on the photos for details)

I'm running late this morning, so we'd better get cracking on the equipment check.  I'll refresh the coffee pot and then arrange the chairs in the day room.  See you there.

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