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Morning Lineup – April 2

Tuesday Morning – Fool's Kudos

We have to hand out the Kudos for the best fire-related April Fool's trick to the unknown prankster who posted this "factory news release" for a new, super aerial truck from KME.

It came accompanied with a brief description telling that the ladder is 255-ft extended and the behemoth also carries a 5,000-gal. booster tank and 10,000 ft. of LDH.

A very clever Photoshop job makes it believable until you think about driving that many axles through traffic.  Good fun.

*  *  *

From the "real news" side comes a recent article published in the New York Times that tells about still another study and research into longevity that discloses one of the secrets to a longer and healthier life is …… (you already know this) ….. drinking plenty of coffee.  These findings that continue to amaze the health gurus are showing up regularly now and this latest report comes from an all-expense-paid trip to the Greek island of Ikaria.  The residents of Ikaria are noted for their longevity and a team from University of Athens Medical School found that one of prime reasons was their high consumption level of coffee.

The New York Times tells us:

"This boiled coffee seems to generate antioxidant substances," said Dr. Gerasimos Siasos, a professor at the University of Athens Medical School and an author of the study, which appears in the journal Vascular Medicine.

He and his colleagues found that older islanders who drank the boiled coffee had better functioning endotheliums — the layer of cells that line blood vessels.

Of course, coffee is only one factor. "It has to do with their way of living," Dr. Siasos said. "People sleep over eight hours a night, there is increased socializing, and they have much less stress than people in Athens."

The islanders also eat a Mediterranean diet that includes many fruits, vegetables, olive oil and fish. Most also nap every day and walk and garden regularly, Dr. Siasos said.

It must be really pleasant living in Ikaria because this summer the researchers will be returning on another all-expenses-paid visit to study the water.  I'm not making this up.  You can read the entire article HERE.

Note the key word "boiled" coffee, not dripped through the grounds.  That leads me to recall that when I was a very young man, an Oklahoma cowboy showed me how to make "range coffee."  Using a small electric hot plate (simulating a campfire) he would bring a small pot of water to the boil and then toss in a handfull of ground coffee beans.  Then he would watch it carefully until it looked just right and remove it from the fire.  Being carefull to let the grounds settle to the bottom of the pot, he would pour it into his cup and enjoy.  Now think about it… have you ever heard of a cowboy suffering a heart attack in his 50's?  Noooo.

Let's get the physical recreation facet taken care of now and get this equipment checked out.  I'll do the best I can with the Bunn-O-Matic (no boiling unfortunately) and then we'll meet back in the day room.

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