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Mother Facing Charges On Children’s Fire Deaths

Home-Alone Tots Perish

A WEST ALLIS, WISCONSIN, WOMAN is in police custody and facing possible charges following a Thursday afternoon fire at her home that killed three of her children.


Firefighters arrived at the burning house at 5:25 pm Thursday and found the house fully charged with smoke.  Neighbors told them that four children resided there with their mother and a full search was initiated.  The entire interior of the house was involved and the FF's were stymied at a second-floor bedroom that had a large hole already burned through the floor that prevented them immediate entry.

After the fire was knocked down, they were able to get into the isolated bedroom where they found the lifeless bodies of twin 4-yr.-old boys and their 5-yr.-old sister.  Their mother Angelica Belen arrived at the house two hours later and through her they learned that her fourth child was visiting her estranged husband in another town.

Belen, 24, was taken into police custody yesterday (Friday) and is being held for questioning over the circumstances leading to the fire and her absence from the house when it started.

WITI-TV reported that Belen had been arrested and charged on March 28th for two other incidents involving her children. As a result, she was charged with six misdemeanor counts of neglecting a child. Belen is due in court on May 3rd in connection with this case.


WITI-TV has more details and video reports HERE.

WISN-TV also filed this video report:


The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel posted Friday's FD press conference:


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