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Another Stolen Ambulance

Located 20 Hours Later

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, POLICE located a stolen ambulance about ten blocks away from the hospital where it was taken while the crew was inside delivering a patient they had brought from Elmore County.

The Haynes Ambulance unit was one of four that were parked in the ambulance bay of the UAB Hospital at 8 pm when somebody, apparently picking at random, hopped in a drove off.

This photo of the stolen unit was posted by Haynes on their Facebook page

The ambulance was found Sunday afternoon about 20 hours after it had been taken.  It isn't yet known if any equipment or supplies have been taken.  Haynes officials are on their way to Birmingham this morning to inventory and check out the unit.

The Gadsden Times has the latest HERE.

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  • Cameron J Chapman

    Is this beginning to become a common occurrence? Or has it always been? If so, perhaps security should be increased around he proximity of emergency bays. It’s interesting that it’s unknown if any supplies have been stolen or not, but thankfully (by looking at the photo) it seems as though the ambulance was free from any
    damages. If there were damages, would the medical personnel be liable?