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Some Good Stories on Other Fire and EMS Websites

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Statter911 last week analyzed a controversy in Owego, NY, where the local newspaper has posted the radio traffic from a firefighter fatality. The incident occurred in May, the news story appeared one day before the belated funeral. The fire department and the newspaper's readers are outraged. Dave is reflective, and asks some good (and tough) questions for collective consideration. Highly recommended reading for any student of media relations. Read it HERE.

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Backstep Firefighter blogger Bill Carey found this JEMS story about new helmets for a new ambulance service in Lauderdale County EMS in Alabama. Employees of Shoals Ambulance Service will be required to wear helmets while responding to emergencies and, it appears, when riding in the back of ambulances. More than a fire departments probably have (or have had) a similar rule. Just beware low cabs with high seats.

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Have you wondered what veteran Camden and Philly fire photographer Bob Bartosz is doing lately? He moved to North Carolina a few years ago, and lives in Battleboro, which outside Rocky Mount. He's the official photographer in those parts and a frequent contributor to, which last week posted some strong photos from him of a house fire in Nash County. Read that story.

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Legeros Fire Blog has been hitting the history books lately. He recently posted a collection of North Carolina fallen firefighter research documents. He's also been digging into the history of the state's early rescue squads, looking through corporation records and encouraging reader input. The first was Winston-Salem in 1937, in Forsyth County in the central Piedmont.

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  • Legeros

    Bill, somebody’s hijacked your blog. All these postings related to North Carolina!

    I am thinking that Ward is eyeing a move down south. We can work on getting him a proper drawl.

    • Mike “FossilMedic” Ward

      I am thinking mild winters!

    • firegeezer

      Well, I hear he does like barbecue….