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LAFD gets $1.6M to staff 11 ambulances with overtime crews until June

Breaking news from the Los Angeles Times:

City Council finds money to halt controversial LAFD staffing plan

The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to give the Fire Department $1.6 million to reverse a controversial new ambulance staffing plan.

The money will pay for the agency to add 11 new ambulances to the department's fleet through June. And it will put at least a temporary halt to a redeployment that as of Sunday reassigned 22 firefighters per shift from engines to medical rescue ambulances.

The council did not commit to staffing the new ambulances next year, which Cummings said will cost $9 million.

For now, firefighters will be asked to work overtime to staff the ambulances, he said. On days the agency cannot find enough volunteers to work overtime, Cummings said he will opt to staff the ambulances instead of fully staffing the firetrucks.

He said he could not guarantee that the new money will keep firefighters on firetrucks. "I'm staffing for the community need, which is ambulances," he said.

On Friday, Cummings rejected a request from members of the City Council to postpone Sunday's start of the plan.

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