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Volunteer Firefighters Go On Strike (?)

Dispute Settled After 3 Days

THE CAGLE MOUNTAIN (Tennessee) VOLUNTEER Fire Department had a major disruption earlier this week that resulted in most of the members refusing to volunteer anymore.


It all began when the president of the VFD resigned his position stating that he could no longer work cooperatively with the Fire Chief James Hixson.  The department's Board of Directors didn't like that, so on Monday they dismissed the fire chief and brought the president back on the job.

The active firefighters didn't like that, so they walked off the "job" and refused to answer calls proclaiming their loyalty to the chief who was, according to them, just backing them in some other dispute.  The Board in turn changed the locks to the firehouse and ordered the strikers to turn in their gear.

It's hard to tell the players without a program, but WDSI-TV does a pretty good job of it in this video report:


Since that report came out on Thursday, the Board held another meeting and temporarily resolved the issue with the firefighters.  After all the hugs and "I'm sorry's" the FF's came back into the fold and the former fire chief is still the former fire chief, but the Board has promised to re-write the rules giving the membership a greater voice in the department's operations and selection of chief.

WRCB-TV wrapped it all up in this VIDEO REPORT.

Area-wide coverage continued with this report from WTVC-TV:


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