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Morning Lineup – May 12

Sunday Morning – Happy Mother's Day!

We're going to start this new week off with some News You Can Use by posting this handy map showing you how much tax each state imposes on your beer purchases.  This figure is uniformly stated as the per gallon rate for retail purchases of beer sold in 12-oz. containers.

Surprisingly Tennessee, normally considered a low-tax state, has the highest (way highest) rate of $1.17 per gallon.  On the other end of the scale is Wyoming with a compassionate 2¢ per gallon.

The map also includes each state's relative ranking and illustrates another mild surprise.  Pennsylvania is not usually admired for its taxing policies, but if you rely on the barley brew for nourishment, Pennsylvanians are way down the list of beer tax pain at #46.  That explains why those Marylanders (#12) stock up in Breezewood while they're hitting the Keystone state to buy their fireworks.

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Only one playoff game in the NHL yesterday.  Pittsburgh had to really work to pull off an overtime win against the spunky Islanders.  The Pens take their first-round series 4 games to 2 and will now be facing off against the Ottawa Senators in the 2nd round.

Ottawa just came off a mighty upset over Montreal, but can they do it again over Pittsburgh?  Get some good odds before you bet on it.

Three games scheduled for today, all of them on national tv networks.  Detroit vs. Anaheim are playing Game 7.  Washington vs. Rangers and Toronto vs. Boston round it out.


Before we give Mom a call, let's get this equipment checked out.  I think I'll make an extra pot of coffee this morning.  It feels like one of those days.  See you back in the day room.

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