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Solving the Parking Problem

Big Red Wins Again

TWO MONTHS AGO ON MARCH 7, the Bremen, Germany, Feuerwehr (fire brigade) responded to a fire in an attic apartment that had the potential for a rescue effort.  As the ladder truck was approaching down the narrow street, they came across some autos that were parked improperly, or more specifically, too far away from the curb and not leaving enough clearance for the emergency trucks.


Putting human safety above auto safety, the ladder driver plowed right up the street, crumpling some cars along the way.


While there wasn't a need for aerial rescue as it turned out, they did have a working fire a the address.


The polizei arrived and did their part by writing tickets for all the ill-placed cars.  There were no injuries reported from the fire.


NonStop News prepared this good video that documents the situation and bodywork:


NonStop News posted the story HERE along with a 25-image photo gallery HERE.

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