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High Angle Rescue (?) in Paris

Police Couldn't Get Them Down,
So Who Ya' Gonna Call?

SUNDAY AFTERNOON A MERRY BAND of Ukrainian feminists (we are NOT making this up) descended in downtown Paris, France, to counter-demonstrate against a large group of Neo-Nazis who were holding a rally for some reason.

The Femens, as the gals call themselves, parked themselves on a balcony of the Hotel Regina wearing only short-shorts and topless  where they unfurled a large banner protesting the Nazis.

HuffingtonPostUK / Reevell

A descriptive article in the Huffington Post UK edition continues:

The four women stood above the jeering crowd for roughly an hour while police attempted to reach them. Officers scaled the balcony of an adjacent hotel and began trying to pull in Femen's banner, as well as calling to the women to come down. Around 1pm a (firetruck) arrived, and a ladder was extended up towards the women. Simultaneously, a fireman began to climb across to reach them.

Firefighter appears to be pleased that he made it all the way up.
(HuffingtonPostUK / Reevell)

The Femen activists obeyed police instructions to descend once firemen reached them, climbing calmly down the ladder one at a time, helped by two sapeur-pompiers. Each woman turned to face the crowd and blow kisses from half-way up the ladder. The crowd below shouted insults at the women and chanted "Jump, jump!" over and over again. Riot police armed with batons and shields formed lines around the ladder, as far right demonstrators tried to approach.

HuffingtonPostUK / Reevell

The women were hurried by officers into a police van as soon as they stepped off the ladder. When Inna Shevchenko, the third to descend, reached the ground, around 20 shaven headed men tried to break through police lines to her, shouting "whore". Officers used pepper spray to drive them back, while Shevchenko disappeared behind the engine.

Of course, the event was captured on video:


Read the full story with additional photos HERE.

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