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3 Alarms in Willoughby

Vacant Industrial Site

A FIRE IN A LARGE BUILDING at an unused industrial site in Willoughby, Ohio, kept about a dozen mutual aid companies busy for several hours Saturday night.


The fire was already well underway when it was first discovered and reported to 9-1-1.  The Willoughby News Herald is reporting this morning:

Willoughby Fire Chief Al Zwegat said his department received multiple 911 calls at 9:42 p.m. and when crews arrived on scene four minutes later, about 60 percent of the original building on the DeMilta Salvage property was engulfed in flames.

Fire departments from across Lake County were called to assist at the scene. Crews came from as far away as from the Perry Joint Fire District because the blaze required intense manpower to help lay down fire hoses, Zwegat said.

Zwegat said about 80 percent of the building had burned to the ground as of about 11 p.m. and fire crews expected to be on scene throughout the night and through most of the day Sunday.

The property has been largely vacant for close to ten years, save some storage area used by a local landscaping firm.

The News-Herald filed some raw video taken at the scene:


Google Satellite View of the property

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