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Promotional Opportunities – Another Chief and His Honey Get Caught With the Money

Moving Out So That Others Can Move Up….

NOW-FORMER SMITHERS VFD Fire Chief Timothy Whittington and his wife Patricia Whittington were indicted by a Fayette County, West Virginia, grand jury this week for embezzling "thousands of dollars" from the fire department.

The Gazette-Mail reports:

On Wednesday, former Chief Timothy M. Whittington was indicted on one count of felony embezzlement. His wife, Patricia A. Whittington, was indicted on one count of felony fraudulent schemes.

The indictments followed a yearlong investigation by State Police into who used a government-issued credit card for personal use.

Whittington told other firefighters in the department during the summer of 2011 that he had accidentally paid one of his personal bills using Fire Department funds but had paid the money back. An audit later showed thousands of dollars missing from the department stemming from the credit card.

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WOWK-TV continues:

A grand jury gathered enough evidence to believe that Whittington embezzled money from the department between July 21, 2010 and September 6, 2012, according to a copy of the indictment.

Former chief Timothy Whittington admitted to our cameras last year that he had used fire department funds to pay his personal bills that totaled nearly $4,000.

He said he and his wife plugged the fire department's checking information into their online bill pay and continued to use that account for a period of about three months.

Whittington said it was an honest mistake and that he took out a loan and paid the department back. Officials said Whittington stepped down from his post in January 2013.

Read WOWK-TV's full account of the story HERE.

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