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UPDATE: FF Missing in Dallas 6-Bagger – Body Recovered

Last Contact Was 5:30 am

UPDATE, 10:30 pm Central:  Body of missing firefighter recovered.  Scroll down.


DALLAS, TEXAS, FIREFIGHTERS ARE still working a 6-alarm apartment fire this morning that has taken out an entire building of at least 24 units.  The fire was dispatched at 3 am Central and was steadily upgraded as the fast-moving fire was aided by high winds.

Around 5:30 am a radio message from a firefighter was brief as he called "I'm trapped…" but was unable to give his location.  The fire is largely knocked down at this hour, but there is an all hands effort to try and locate the missing firefighter.  Not knowing which part of the building he is in magnifies the problem.

The intense organized search began while the building was still burning  (WFAA-TV)

The regional USAR team has been brought in to stabilize the still-burning building so that the search teams will be better protected and able to reach more area.


KDFW-TV has a good video report from the scene:

 Dallas News |

WFAA-TV has a 22-image photo gallery HERE.

Update, 10:30 pm Central:
The body of the missing firefighter was recovered from the debris just after 9 am Central time.  The victim's identity has not yet been released publicly.  As he was carried out of the fire building draped with an American flag, the firefighters gathered to pray and then salute as he was brought by.


WFAA-TV posted this video from the scene as he was transported to the coroner's office:


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