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Fire Chief Calls In False Alarm

GARY CHAPMAN IS NOW THE FORMER Fire Chief of the Blackhawk Fire Protection District in Milan, Illinois.  He stepped down from office after admitting to the police that he had deliberately called in a false alarm in order to muster a troop to help clean out a building that the FD was going to use for a haunted house.

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WQAD-TV Ch. 8 reported:

It happened at 5:30 p.m. on May 6th. An audio tape reveals that before the brush fire call went out for all volunteer firefighters to report for duty, Chief Chapman alerted a Milan dispatcher that the call would not be for a real fire, but an attempt to get some manpower out to the site at 1220 W. 2nd Avenue.

The tape shows that shortly after the call went out, the frustrated dispatcher received two calls from an ambulance driver and a fireman, wondering about the fire and where they should go.

Police launched an investigation into the false fire alarm, under the disorderly conduct statute.

The full story is told in WQAD's video report:


Blackhawk FPD station  (Google Street View)

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