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Nurse / Arsonist Admits Murdering 11 Nursing Home Patients

Pleaded Guilty in Court Monday

ROGER DEAN, A SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, registered nurse was arrested just hours after a major nursing home fire in Sydney 18 months ago, in November 2011.

Two fires had been set inside the single-story Quaker Hills Nursing Home, one of them to bedsheets in an unoccupied room and the other in an occupied room.

Channel Ten

Dean had just been questioned by New South Wales police the day before at his home in connection with a complaint of stolen drugs from the nursing home.  He had been at Quaker Hills for just two months. 

Channel Ten ran this informative video report on the day of the fire:


While investigating on the day of the fire, police questioned Dean again and then arrested him on murder charges.

On the day of the fire Dean (above) had been giving interviews
to the press on how he had helped evacuate the helpless patients.

For more background on the fire and Dean's arrest, read the Firegeezer reports from November 2011 HERE and HERE.

At yesterday's court appearance, spectators and relatives of the victims were expecting the opening of a lengthy trial but instead saw and heard Dean plead guilty to 11 counts of murder and 8 counts of causing grievous bodily harm.

The judge scheduled a sentencing hearing to be held this Thursday.

The Australian reported on Monday's trial HERE.

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