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6 Dead In Downtown Philadelphia Building Collapse

Ground Shook Hard Enough To Knock Pedestrians Down

A BUILDING THAT WAS BEING DEMOLISHED in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Wednesday suddenly collapsed on its own at 10:45 am.  A portion of a wall fell over onto a one-story building housing a Salvation Army thrift shop causing its destruction and burying a still-unknown number of employees and shoppers inside as well as on the sidewalk.


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125 PFD firefighters plus the USAR team and police dogs swarmed over the scene and worked in rotating shifts through the night searching for victims.  This morning they retrieved a 61-yr.-old woman who had survived the concrete pile on her and she was taken to the hospital where she is being treated.

ABC News covered this part of the story in this video report:


As of this morning (Thursday) there were six confirmed fatalities and at least 14 injured, one critically.

Google Street View (before) and KYW-TV (after)

KYW-TV has this morning's late report HERE.
KYW-TV also has an 80-image photo gallery HERE.

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