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Thieves Hit, Wipe Out VFD in Texas

May Take A Year To Get Back In Service

THE MOSS BLUFF VFD IN LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas, was literally put out of service last week after thieves broke into the unattended station and stole everything of value.

The crime was discovered Monday evening when Chief John Wilson strode into the station and found the hoods up and all the doors open to the emergency vehicles.


Missing were the batteries, radiators, most of the brass hose couplings, a generator, and copper wiring from the air conditioning unit for the building.  Even the fire ladders were gone.

A fire truck belonging to the Hull Daisetta Fire Department that was being stored at the facility was stripped too.


The tiny department is completely stripped of its ability to operate and carried no insurance on the equipment or building.  Chief Wilson estimates that it will take at least a year to recover and get back in service again.

Outside of Bar-B-Q fundraisers, the only income the VFD receives is a small sum from the county for each fire call they respond to.  The Liberty County Sheriff says that they were able to get a few fingerprints from the area where the crooks tore their way through the wall to make entry.

KHOU-TV prepared this video report:


KPRC-TV has more plus additional video HERE.

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