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Petty Concert Closed For Overcrowding

Star Embarrassed By Slacking Promoter

POP STAR TOM PETTY was performing Sunday night in the fourth of a six-night engagement at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood.  But the fire marshal observing the public gathering found that the venue had more than the allowed number of patrons on the main floor of the small theater that seats just 1,300.

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So the FM stopped the concert and had Petty address the crowd and give them the opportunity to have 100 people volunteer to go up to the balcony for the rest of the show.  But that was asking too much of the "me" generation and nobody was willing "take one" for the good of the cause.

With that lack of cooperation, Petty and his band strode off the stage and left the grumpy crowd milling around, still refusing to leave.


The performer issued this statement later that night:

"To those fans who attended last night's show at the Fonda Theatre, we are as frustrated as you are," read the statement. "While we are still investigating exactly what happened we do know the following as of right now the number of tickets sold was NOT above the legal capacity of the building. The venue and Ticketmaster documentation confirms this. The Fire Marshal decided that the number of people on the floor (as opposed to on the upstairs balcony or terrace) was unsafe."

The band's team also noted that they rely on the concert promoter and venue representatives to give an accurate breakdown of the legal capacity for every part of the building and to provide security and other staff to enforce this.

Read the account of what happened HERE.

Hat tip:  Mark D.

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  • Someone Who Was There

    I find it amazing that someone who obviously was not there has decided that the “ME” generation was responsible for the outcome. Instead of the FM taking charge and orchestrating an orderly exit of 100 people they stood by doing nothing. They left it up to the Artist to handle their job. Tom was asked to make an announcement which he did. He then played one more song lasting about 6 minutes. Tom Petty was not in charge of Fire Safety, Crowd control or making sure that the Security was doing their job .But the FM decided to let Tom do the dirty work. During the last song no effort was being made by the FM or the Security staff to move anyone. Had the FM stopped the show, brought up the lights and asked for 100 people to move up stairs it just might of happened. No one there wanted the show to end early. I understand the need for safety and rules and regulations. The writer of this story has put a strange slant on this by blaming the crowd.

    • firegeezer

      It is not the fire marshal’s job to regulate the crowd, that is the responsibility of whoever is running the show and then the operator of the venue.  The FM told them what needed to be done and they chose this method of handling it.  Then, from the reports, the band played for six minutes to give people the opportunity to voluntarily move to the balcony (rather than be forcibly ejected from the theater).  Nobody chose to do that, hence the show was stopped.  If the audience refuses to comply, how is that anybody’s fault but their own?  You are accountable for your own actions.  p.s.:  You didn’t mention whether you volunteered to relocate.