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Saturday CarToon: New York State Drill Teams

Summer in Long Island

Published on Jul 20, 2012 by Garwood 900

Fire Truck Drags / Team Competition.
Regional Volunteer Fire Companies hold drag race / Team time competitions each summer.
Some of the events include racing down the track and climbing a ladder, also racing down the track – connecting a hose to a hydrant and hitting a target with water, with the goal of best time in the competition.

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The Suffolk 2013 Championship tournament started on June 1, here are the results from the first round:











It wraps up Memorial Day weekend.

Controversy over tradition and funding

In late August (2011), a team of Long Island volunteer firefighters sped down a paved track during a training drill, hanging onto the back of a modified racecar. The vehicle veered into a guardrail, according to Nassau County police, ejecting all four firefighters

Two months later, one of the injured volunteers is still fighting to regain his mobility, and taxpayers are beginning to question why their money is being used to fund a dangerous and costly kind of racing.

“I don’t know where those race cars come from and what money they use to buy it," said Elmont resident Carmina Rivera. "But if they’re using the taxpayers’ money for such things, I don’t think it’s the right thing to do."

The practice session that ended in disaster was part of a decades-old tradition called drill team racing.

For a century or more, Long Island firefighters have held weekend exhibitions where volunteer companies test their speed, including one where participants zoom down a drag strip and then hop off the back of a racecar to hoist a ladder. One of the team members then climbs the ladder. Being the fastest to touch the top rung is the goal.

read more at NBC 4 New York November 3, 2011 report by Chris Glorioso Long Island Fire Taxes Pay for Questionable Racing Games Decades-old drill team racing tradition, including non-essential race cars and equipment, funded by taxpayers

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