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Morning Lineup – June 17

Monday Morning – Is Your Tool Box Complete?

"I hope that women never find out about duct tape, because once they do, men will no longer serve any useful purpose." ….. Dave Barry.

It's not a coincidence that the Annual Duct Tape Festival is held each year over Father's Day weekend in Akron, Ohio.  The silver-colored, sticky wonder-tape is the saviour of do-it-yourselfers and quick-fix projects the world over.

This was the 10th year that the festival was held and it looks like it's going to stick around for a while.  Three days of festivities finishing up with the grand parade of duct tape sculptures and colorfully decorated floats picking up on a popular product found in a drawer somewhere in every home.

The Canadian tv comedy series Red Green swept all of North America from 1991 to 2006 and created "duct tape awareness" from coast to coast.  "The handyman's secret weapon.  If women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."  A recent article from NBC News told us:

* The plastic-coated tape first came into its widespread use during World War II, when the U.S. military used it as a waterproof sealant.

* During the Vietnam War, it was used to patch up helicopter rotor blades — earning it the nickname "100-mph tape."

* When the Apollo 13 spacecraft suffered a crippling explosion in 1970, ground controllers came up with a plan to have the crew build improvised air filters using duct tape. Without that fix, "the crew would not survive," one of the Apollo engineers said. Two years later, Apollo 17 commander Gene Cernan used what he called "good old-fashioned American gray tape" to fix a fender on the lunar rover.

* When an Alaska bush pilot discovered that a brown bear had ripped his plane virtually to shreds, he had to call on friends to help put it back together with sheets of plastic wrap and a case of duct tape. A few days of work made the plane airworthy enough to fly back to civilization. "I think that's as close as you can get to MacGyver without going to outer space," said Jeff Malmer, a member of the research and development team for 3M, which makes Scotch-brand duct tape.

* NASCAR race crews routinely use duct tape to hold things together or modify airflow for peak performance — earning it the upgraded nickname "200-mph tape." It's especially cool if the crew uses color-coordinated tape.

Now I don't know how many ambulances have a roll tucked away for on-scene assitance (they should be carrying it, though), but every truck company worth its salt has three or four rolls stored right next to the baling wire.

Let's get going on the equipment check for today and see how our own supply is holding up.  I'll make sure there's plenty of coffee for the Monday check and then we'll meet back again in the day room where some chair coverings have that familiar silver touch.

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