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Drunk Driver Crashes, Knocks Over Houston Ambulance

Ambulance Was Returning to Quarters

A HOUSTON (Texas) FIRE DEPARTMENT AMBULANCE was returning from an emergency call early Tuesday morning when the driver of an SUV slammed into the side of the ambulance, knocking it over.


Police are saying that the driver of the SUV ran through a red light and crashed into the ambulance.  The only other passenger in the car was a 6-monty-old infant who was strapped in properly.


The two paramedics and the infant were all transported and treated for minor injuries.  They have not released the condition of the car's driver who was arrested on the scene and charged with suspicion of drunk driving.


KTRK-TV has this video report from the scene:


KHOU-TV has posted some raw video of the crash scene:



The Houston Chronicle has the STORY.

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