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Patient Goes Berserk – Assaults Medics

A Different Kind of Close Call

A PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, FIRE Department ambulance crew had to abandon normal protcols Monday morning when their patient suddenly went berserk and tried to physically harm them.


KYW-TV describes the situation:

According to investigators, the incident began when a naked man, who was running in and out of traffic, was struck by a car at about 5:45 a.m. in the southbound lanes of the Roosevelt Boulevard near Berkley Street.

As a result of being struck by the car, the male was knocked unconscious.

While en-route to the hospital, the male awoke on the gurney and with an oxygen tank attached still to him. Authorities say he punched one paramedic in the face and grabbed a pair of scissors and caused superficial wounds to the paramedics.

The cops were then called to the scene and when they arrived, the male exited the ambulance and began to swing the oxygen tank at police. The male eventually threw the tank at a fire engine, breaking a window.

According to other reports, the patient then jumped into the cab of the ambulance and attempted to drive away but FF's were able to grab him and drag him back out where the police Tasered him and took him into custody.

The two paramedics were transported for minor injuries and later released.   The patient remains hospitalized in critical condition.

WCAU-TV has the video report:


View more videos at:

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