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Looking Back

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  • Matt Kivela

    Does anyone know the history of these trucks?

    Where they operated by the Thruway Authority itself? Or given to fire companies along the route as a version of impact payments?

    When Connecticut was building its Interstates, there was some concern whether fire protection would be available — spots like I-84 in Union and the CT Turnpike in South Killingly were being built about the time the local fire companies were first organized. CGS 29-23 essentially authorizes the Conn. State Police to provide fire and rescue services were no municipality provides it; I think that was passed due to that concern of the lack of local VFDs in areas that limited access highways were being built.

    Connecticut also used to pay a modest fee for fire companies that did respond to limited access highways, I believe NY State Thruway still does. Mass State Police operated some combination cruiser/ambulances into the early 1970s for the MassPike.

    These fire trucks fit into that narrative of concern over whether local resources could or should protect these new highways, but I wonder exactly how they fit into it.