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Castle Fire in Latvia

Also Houses National Museum

THE MEDIEVAL RIGA CASTLE in Latvia suffered extensive damage to the roof and top two floors of the historic 4-story building overnight.


The castle is the official residence of the nation's president, Andris Berzins, however he has been quartered in a temporary residence while reconstruction to the castle has been taking place.

The castle is also the home of the National History Museum of Latvia.

The Baltic News Service reports that the fire started late Thursday and got into the attic where it spread thoughout the entire roof.  While the building has apparently received heavy fire damage, it is believed that none of the critical and valuable museum artifacts were destroyed.  However some of them did get a good soaking from the water.  It will be a while before a true damage assessment can be completed.


It is too early to determine the cause or origin of the fire.  Ten fire companies responded and worked the blaze overnight.  An army helicopter was also utilized for aerial drops using water from the Daugava River which is beside the castle.


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Riga Castle was built in built in 1330 and substantially enlarged and rebuilt 1497 – 1515.

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