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Morning Lineup – June 21

Friday – New Job Description Being Written

Not only is it Friday, but it is also the first day of Summer.  School is out and the sun is out, and most folks are glad to see it get here.  The only problem is, most of us didn't have much in the way of Spring this year.  Between the extended cold weather and the incessant rains in many areas, we never had the chance to sit out in the pleasant Spring days and enjoy the nice breeze while we watch the early blossoms pop out.

Well, let's just keep looking ahead and hope for some mild weather for a few weeks, anyway.

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That new job description that I referred to in the header is one that can best be utilized in departments, both fire and EMS, that serve Interstate highways and freeways.

I propose that this new position be titled Firefighter/Pathfinder.  It is certainly deserving of a one-step pay grade increase, especially since it requires good aerobic conditioning. This new position is already being filled in Slovenia where FF Pathfinders are being used to guide emergency vehicles to crash sites on their freeways.

As an example, we will show you this typical dashcam video from a pumper which was fortunately staffed with not one, but two qualified FF Pathfinders.  They were responding to this wreck where a tractor trailer blew a tire, then jumped the guardrail taking 4 autos and another truck out with it.


But help managed to arrive in a timely manner thanks to their trained Pathfinders.  Pay attention to their technique and marvel at their skill level:


The promotional examination for this new position could be simplified.  If you have, say three openings, then you line up all the applicants who will be wearing full PPE and set them running.  The last three still running after the others drop out will get the promotion.  No book-larnin' needed.

Ok, we do need clipboard knowledge to get this equipment checked out, so let's get started.  The Bunn-O-Matic is already filling the next pot, so I'll see you back in the day room shortly.

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