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Fatal Firetruck Crash Update

Possibly Drugs And/Or Alcohol Involved

THIS PAST THURSDAY FIREGEEZER REPORTED HERE about a Poway, California, fire engine that was involved in a fatal collision earlier that morning.

All that was known at the time was that the engine was responding to a medical call with all warning devices operating when a small car with two occupants pulled into the engine's path.

Union-Tribune photo

The collision slammed the car into a utility pole causing the instant death of a passenger and leaving the driver trapped but with not-serious injures.

Yesterday (Saturday) the police released some of their findings from the investigation into the crash.  The car's driver, Robbie Gillespie, 44, caused the wreck by failing to yield the right of way to the emergency vehicle and crashing into the front right side of the firetruck.  Gillespie had just been released from jail 48 hours before the crash.

The online news site The Inquisitr reported today:

Police noted that Gillsepie had been previously arrested for being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. Gillsepie’s passenger — 19-year-old aspiring model Evelyn Courtney — died in the Poway crash after she became trapped under the Honda.

Gillsepie was said to be a mentor and friend to Courtney. He was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Investigators found a broken alcohol bottle inside Gillespie’s car on the scene, but have not determined if drugs or alcohol played a part in the crash.

NBC Ch. 7 filed this follow-up video report:


View more videos at:

Charges are still pending in the case.

Read the full story in The Inquisitr HERE.

Hat tip: Mark Donovan

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