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How Many Ambulances Are Needed For a Public Gathering of 2 Million?

"In The Summertime When The Going Gets Hot ….."

THE CHICAGO FIRE DEPARTMENT needed 88 Friday when the largest-ever public gathering in the city was held to celebrate and honor the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team as they brought the Stanley Cup home for all to see.

With many downtown workers heeding the mayor's suggestion that the city take a "Ferris Beuller Day Off," the public transit system was staving off gridlock all day as more than 2 million 'Hawks fans streamed into Grant Park creating a sea of red with their team jerseys.

Chicago Tribune / Cassella

The Chicago Fire Department was geared up and ready for the visitors as they put in a special call for additional ambulances from the suburbs to supplement their own fleet.  As the temperature rose, the call volume did, too.  They eventually responded to just over 90 medical calls in the Grant Park zone, most of them heat-related emergencies.

The CFD took some preventive measures of their own by bringing over some of their high-pressure ventilation fans, then setting them up behind hydrant sprayers and creating their own crowd misters, literally misting the folks as they strode by on their way to the entertainment center.

ChicagoAreaFire / Tim Olk

The ChicagoAreaFire website has an extensive photo galley today showing the CFD units and some mutual-aid pieces that were on standby, too.  Just CLICK HERE and then keep scrolling down and you'll pass through all of them.

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