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Multi-House Fire in Massachusetts Complicated by Main Break

A Good Stop Despite the Setback

SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS, FIREFIGHTERS had to overcome a challenging fireground this morning (Wednesday), but moved quickly to contain a fast-moving fire in a neighborhood of single-family homes.

WMA Firephoto

The call was dispatched around 4:45 am Eastern and the first arriving units found a 2-½ story home fully involved and an exposure dwelling starting up.  Just as the first hose lines were being put into service, the water main serving that hydrant broke and the hose lines lost their pressure.

Hose lines go limp as the fire spreads unchecked
following a water main break.  (WMA Firephoto)

Command then called for a 2nd alarm plus an additional engine and once everyone had arrived they were able to contain the fire, but not until the two houses were completely destroyed and a third home on the street behind the fire building was heavily damaged.

WMA Firephoto

Several vehicles along the street were also either damaged or burned out.  Some reports say as many as 10 personal vehicles were involved, but an accurate count hasn't been disclosed yet.  Units are still on the scene at the time of this posting and they are along ways off from determining the cause of the fire yet.

WWLP-TV has posted this brief, raw video from the scene:


RAW VIDEO: Massive Springfield fire

WGGB-TV adds:

At least 14 people are left homeless this morning and are being assisted by the Red Cross.

There are multiple pets missing from the house where the fire is believed to have started. Anna Smith, 18, who lived in that house said, "I lost many, many pets. We lost two pugs; we lost 13-14 cats; we lost ferrets; we lost a bearded dragon, bunny rabbits."

Some later reports coming in now say that as many as six more homes have been damaged to some extent by the fire.

The Republican has a good, early report from the fireground HERE.
WMA Firephoto has a 20-image photo gallery posted already HERE.

Thanks to Nate A.

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