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Morning Lineup – July 15

Monday Morning – Would You Buy This Car?

Fiat, noted for its ugly yet economical tiny cars, has a revised model of its "muscle" car the Fiat 500 Abarth.  They wanted to develop an ad campaign around the updated model to emphasize its comparative beauty and performace.  This is what they had to work with:

Riding in on the white horse was Dallas advertising agency Richards Group.  They tossed a proposal to Fiat that was quickly snatched up that involved a dozen nude women and the country's leading body art painter.  The design and studio crew of about 40 people spent a week fitting the group of professional contortionsts, circus performers and models into a display form and then painting their bodies to emulate that photo you see just above.

All you see in this photo are the twelve models, nothing more.  Can you find all twelve?

How did they do that? you might ask.  A lot of work and experience in the art form made it happen and they documented it with this video clip showing how it all went together from start to finish.  Watch the first few seconds of the video closely as you see the car "come alive" when everybody disassembles:


Well, what more can I say?  Wanna try something like this in the firehouse?  Better start small with the brush truck or something.  But not until after we get this equipment checked out and I get another pot run through the Bunn-O-Matic.  Then we'll get our paint sprayers and meet back in the day room.

Thanks to Mashable for the links.

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