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They Keep Building Them …. They Keep Burning Them

"We Don't Expect To Have A Fire"

ONCE AGAIN A McMANSION BURNS down because there is no water.  This time in Inverness, Illinois, up in Chicagoland.  Builders are continually allowed to toss up housing developments in rural areas that have no established water supply, let alone hydrants, to protect the homes from fire and once they get going, they go all the way.

ChicagoAreaFire's Larry Shapiro caught this one that went to three alarms and brought 11 engines, 5 trucks and 9 tankers to the job.  The ChicagoAreaFire news page reported:

Homeowners at 14 Carnoustie Lane in Inverness called the Palatine Rural FPD and reported fire in the attic of their house shortly before 5PM on Tuesday. The large home is located in an area without hydrants roughly 1/2 mile from the fire station. First arriving companies attempted an interior attack and were forced to retreat and change to a defensive strategy. Heavy fire took hold of the attic and self vented through the roof as the alarm was escalated for additional units and water tankers. Two Palatine Rural firefighters from the initial attack company were subsequently transported to an area hospital.

A tanker shuttle was initiated as Palatine Tower 85 was put to work with an elevated master stream. The temperature as companies arrived was 94 degrees with a heat index near 100 degrees. A 2nd alarm was struck for additional tankers and then a 3rd alarm was requested when all companies in the staging area had been depleted.

ShapPhoto provided this video report from the scene:


The fire was marked out just before 9 pm.

Read and view ChicagoAreaFire's always excellent photo article on the fire HERE.
In addition, Larry Shapiro has a 132-image photo gallery HERE.

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