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Attention Buckeyes:

Worthy Firefighter Benefit Next Month

FROM ROSS COUNTY, OHIO, one of our loyal readers wants to pass along this information about a firefighter-in-need.

Franklin Township Assistant Fire Chief, and Vice President of the Ross County Fire-Rescue Association, Jim Cade suffered a broken back while doing interior fire attack June 16th 2013 on a residential structure fire in Franklin Township in Ross County OH.

Since then he has been off work per physicians order. Jim was lucky however, and is still able to walk but is required to wear a brace. His department and friends have come together to hold a benefit for him and his family to help with bills from his inability to work. The benefit will be August 17th from 11am-7pm at the Franklin Township Fire Department Station 1 on George Hollow Road.

Please make plans to attend and help out a brother firefighter's family.

If you can't make it, I'm sure that donations will be gratefully passed along to the family.

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  • Mike Smith

    Just a question, doesn’t the fire department carry workers’ compensation or some other type of insurance for the firefighters?

    Hope the fund raiser is a success.

    • J Patterson

      Workers comp is required in Ohio. Many times however it is only a percentage of regular pay, or a set amount which can be significantly less than a full salary if hurt while volunteering. I can’t speak for this instance though.