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Oh, Omaha!

More Press From the Plains

THE OMAHA, NEBRASKA'S, PUBLIC personna took another hit recently when an anonymous tipster sent a photo to the mayor's office that was purportedly taken inside one of the city firehouses.

via World-Herald

Yes, that's it.  The entire photo included two firefighters posing with the "model" and according to the tipster, taken during a bachelorette party.  Firegeezer presumes that they probably dropped by on a whim and convinced the OIC to let them play with the firetruck.

But we don't know for sure because the investigation into the "rest of the story" has just begun today.

The Omaha World-Herald is on top of the breaking "scandal" HERE.

Hat tip to Ron Y.

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  • bubba1858

    someone needs to mind their own damn business! What exactly is this hurting? People need to quit stirring up trouble that does not need it.

  • PARAMEDIC70002

    Hmmm… Just the pic alone doesn’t seem bad but what’s the rest of the story? That “model” seems to be missing a couple of Victoria’s secrets.

  • PloDrr

    Can we see the rest of the pics? Purely scientific curiosity.