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Just Like Living At The End Of The Runway

ONE OF OUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS, Kevin Ester sent along some pics and a video to share with you taken the other day at a wildfire encroaching on a housing tract.  Kevin tells:

Falls Fire, Lake Elsinore, CA. DC10 VLAT (very large air tanker) trying to take some steam out of the head of the fire. This is in Riverside County, about 20 miles north of the San Diego County line.

Riverside County Fire Dept. photo

I'll bet nobody slept through that pass.

One of the locals was up on the mountain with their video cam when the plane came through on that same pass and recorded it:



You can see a few more photos from that gallery posted by the RFD on their Facebook page HERE.

Thanks, Kevin.  Quite a piece of flying skill on exhibit there.

Related:  Wildfire Today has an extensive report on this fire plus additional shots of the DC 10 tanker drops HERE.

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